Fighting depression with counselling

In today’s world, especially during this year of shadowing pandemic and worldwide losses, depression has emerged as one of the most pertinent innate conditions amongst the population. Depression is in fact, one of the major reasons behind the feeling of emptiness and agitation, amongst the individuals. With such a huge number of mass enduring the same feeling, it is still quite unfateful that a majority of people today see depression as an excuse, rather than a legit illness. 

Mental health affects us all, the only difference lies in the aftermath of the effects. Some come out of it with sheer will and positive energy, while others struggle in between the clutches of this deadly situation. This is when a need for a depression counsellor is paramount. 

Let’s understand depression, it’s causes, and the need for a good depression counsellor in detail. 

Some of the most persisting symptoms of depression are, loss of appetite or overeating, frustration, helplessness, anger, guilt, disturbed sleep cycles, negative thoughts, social withdrawal, etc. it is always advisable to consult an appropriate depression counsellor as and when the symptoms are visible, for a speedy recovery towards positive aspect of life. 

But, what is depression counselling? 

Like every disease and illness cocooning the human world, depression too requires medical assistance. Every individual who suffers from depression, should seek medical help, in the form of therapy and medication, if needed, in order to come out of this gigantic world of negativity, spun by them. Depression counselling is a wing of counselling that assists an individual in fighting depression with the help of a trusted friend, in the face of a counsellor. 

Studies have proved the importance of counselling, for clinical depression. But, whether an individual will benefit from said counselling or not, depends upon his will to fight depression, emerging out victorious. 

A good depression counsellor let the person talk his/her heart out, pouring their deepest feelings and thoughts, in a safe space, devoid of any judgement and questions. This is the reason behind the success of counselling in this deadly illness. 

Our counsellors allow an ease of communication to the people, enabling them to share their pain and in the process helping them to find themselves, with accurate guidance. Our counsellors are expert individuals, who have been trained to provide empathy and guidance to every seeker, seeking helping for personal growth and survival. 

There are many confusions as to the right timing of seeking professional help for depression. Well, for an answer to this, engage in the below mentioned sets of question: 

  • Are you in the habit of feeling empty or sad, without much of a reason?
  • Do you often feel agitated?   
  • Do you often feel worthless and helpless?
  • Are you experiencing loss of self worth?
  • Do you often feel fatigue?
  • Can you sense a loss of energy everyday?
  • Do you feel a loss of interest in your hobbies and in every other thing that you do?
  • Do you wish to seclude yourself from social situations? 
  • Have you witnessed a change in your eating or sleeping cycles? 

If yes is your answer for the maximum of the questions  postulated above, then this is proof that you need counselling for a better tomorrow.